Cybercrime -Rural communities at risk

Episode Summary

Much awareness needs to be built around the steady rise of Cyber Crime. The hardest thing is that people often feel embarrassed if it happens to them so don’t feel comfortable speaking up about it. Today we speak with Stephen Cantwell – FMG and Johnathon Berry from Security firm InPhySec.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk about Cyber Security and Cybercrime amidst the growing concerns about just how un-secure we are. We speak with industry experts Jonathan Berry from InPhySec and FMG's Stephen Cantwell.

We cover 

What is Cyber crime – By definition, and how do we recognise it,  what to look out for? 

We’ve seen some big companies and organisations have cyber-attacks such as Waikato DHB, NZX, and major banks. We ask how big of a problem is this? What about farmers, Are they at risk of this? And how? Any examples? And our tips on what  farmers do to make sure they’re not impacted by this for more information go to Cert NZ  They have put together 11 top tips for staying safe online.