Andrew Hoggard - Putting the fun back in farming...

Episode Summary

Having been involved with Federated Farmers now for 17 years, starting out as the young farmer rep, and then moving into the provincial vice dairy role. Andrew Hoggard is now President. Since taken on the role just over a week ago Andrew shares his thoughts and ideas on what he would like to see achieved in his time. These include smart farming tech solutions, rural connectivity, and a reduction in compliance burden placed on farmers. "None of us went farming to fill in boxes and sit in front of computer screens all day long, we did it because we enjoy the freedom, being outdoors, the physical nature of the work and the feeling of satisfaction we get from seeing a job done well. So if I have a pet project for the next three years accepting the fact I will have to deal with whatever gets thrown at me its to try and make compliance recording less of a burden and more of an opportunity and to basically make farming fun".